Thursday, February 25, 2010

Payday Tacos #2 - La Hacienda

Today we headed over to Park Street to hit La Hacienda, a Mexican restaurant at the corner of Park and W. Washington.
Today's choice: a chicken taco and a chorizo taco. Generally, they were good, standard tacos. The flavors at La Hacienda are certainly on the mild side, so there isn't a lot to really jazz the taste buds. They had a mild pico de gallo they serve with their complimentary chips, and I was too hungry to wait to ask for a salsa or sauce. Even, so it was a satisfactory lunch.
They were certainly authentic: served on doubled-up corn tortillas. The chicken was pulled and moist. The chorizo was cooked to a crumble and had a nice chewy and crusty texture.
Rating 0n a 10 scale: 6

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