Saturday, March 27, 2010

Payday Tacos #4 - Laredos

Laredos is my favorite Mexican restaurant in Madison. It is just the right combination of quick service at reasonable price. I've never left hungry.

I took it easy today, going with the lunch special of a taco with rice and beans. I chose carnitas . . . a wise choice at this restaurant.

I certainly had plenty of food, especially for lunch. I was surprised when the soft taco was made with a flour tortilla, which is not my desire or my expectation. Even so, it turned out to be the right combination with the shredded, flavorful pork carnitas. The taco was finished with some shredded lettuce and chopped green onion. The taco was stuffed with blazing hot (temperature) meat and was a nice compliment to the rice and beans.

I'd give this a 7 out of 10. It isn't my first choice off their menu, but it was definitely worthwhile. Funny to say, but 2 soft corn tortillas would have pushed it to 8 or more.

Laredos has three locations in Madison so far . . . I always eat at their original restaurant at Whitney Way and Odana. I remember dining here when they opened in February 1998 . . . they have come a long way from a sparse restaurant with a good, quick menu. They aren't as inexpensive as they were in those early days, but they are still fairly priced and deserve their success.

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