Thursday, June 10, 2010

Payday Tacos #9 - The Best Yet!

Today's payday tacos have set the bar for all other tacos! They are made to order by Olivia, a native of Mexico who has lived in Madison for several years!

Olivia brought in her homemade salsa along with pork and items to make some terrific tacos.
THIS is the taco experience that the "authentic" restaurants hope to capture. When, if you are in Mexico, a taco is a quick staple. A stuffed corn tortilla made on the go as a terrific snack. They are best eaten out of somebody's kitchen or even out of a taco truck on a side street.

I made a nice shredded pork carnitas taco on a soft corn tortilla with rice, pinto beans, and handmade salsa. YES!
Rating out of 10: this one's a 10!

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  1. Payday tacos, you say? Why, I saw just that thing at Culver's a couple summers ago.