Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pizza Time!

We are resurrecting the Madison Taste Test, starting with Pizza.

Why not stick to Yelp?  Well, that's a good question.  There are many good reviews out on the internet.  I guess that I wanted to put my opinion forward in a way that will be easier for people to follow.   Easier, because you will get a sense for my taste in things and, therefore, have a good idea of what I am describing.  I will be comparing each item I eat to every comparable item.  

If it turns out that we have similar tastes, that helps target the places you might want to try when you come to the Madison area.

Okay, here are the Pizza Ground Rules:
1.  I will get a Pepperoni Slice (or pie, if slices are not available) at each place.
2.  When they offer slices ready to go, I will take it ready to go and not wait for a fresh one to be made.
3.  Rankings will be made in comparison to all others.
4.  When the restaurant claims a "specialty" in style or crust, I will order the specialty.  If they are famous for stuffed, I'll get stuffed.  If they pride themselves on thin crust, that'll be the choice.  For franchises, I'll order the "default" pizza crust style.

The first place to visit on my list will be a Madison icon . . . Ian's on State.  (You might have heard of them in relation to the protests that made national news a couple of years ago.  People from all over the world called Ian's to deliver pies to those in the Capitol Building.)

Even though Ian's was made famous locally by their late hours (past "bar time") and the resulting Mac & Cheese Pizza, I'll still get the basic Pepperoni Pizza Slice.


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