Thursday, September 26, 2013

Taste Test #6 - Pizza Pit . . . Extreme

Today we're stopping at the Pizza Extreme on Fish Hatchery Road.  Well, it used to be Pizza Extreme, but they merged with the local chain Pizza Pit a few years ago to become the Pizza Pit Extreme.  I was never a fan of the Pit, but always liked the Extreme.  This is my first try of the new hybrid pizza company.

Pizza Pit Extreme offers lunch specials for $4.99 as well as sandwiches, gyros, and other items.  Pizza by the slice is a big seller here, and when I walked in there were 4 thin pizza and 4 stuffed pizza varieties to chose from for slices.  In keeping with the comparisons, I went with the thin crust pepperoni.

Overall Impression:  The place is kind of a hole in the wall, which adds to the attraction for me.  As my cousin noted once, our family has a passion for meals wrapped in paper.  My pizza slice cost $2.37 with the tax, so it was a good value.  The styrofoam box wasn't all that heavy, though . . .  Score: 2 out of 5

Crust - The crust was interesting.  It works, I think.  It was a thin crust that had a compact quality where the toppings were but an airy quality at the edge.  This was a nice contrast which added to the experience.  I was disappointed (and took marks off) for the big crust bubble that grew near the edge.  A closer photo of my pizza bubble is included later in this post.  The pie wasn't topped well enough to keep the crust down, so it slid them away from where it rose while baking.  Score - 6 out of 10

Cheese - What was on the pizza was in the "fine" category.  spread a bit thin . . . thinner than I recall  from the old Pizza Extreme.  I'm suspecting that they kept the Pizza Pit recipe/method for the thin and the Extreme recipe/method for the stuffed.  Score - 2 out of 5

Sauce - The sauce was quite serviceable, with a good herbed tomato flavor.  It did have a slight sweetness, however, which held it back for me.  Still, in the category of average and good pizza sauce. This really must be the "Pit" sauce; Extreme was always more tangy.  Score - 3 out of 5

Pepperoni - They get high marks for this pepperoni.  Just what you want, a nice cured Italian flavor with a nice, crisp edge from the baking.  I liked this quite a bit.  Score - 4 out of 5

Price/Value - The price was just right, at $2.37 for the slice.  But it wouldn't fill up anyone but the smallest child, I think.  They do offer a deal for 2 slices plus a drink for $4.99.  That, also, is a good deal.  So, they get some good marks for pricing.  Score - 4 out of 5

Overall score - 21 out of a possible 35.  Fine for a quick lunch, but I wouldn't make a special trip to Madison to eat it.

It's worth noting that I plan to add the stuffed version to this review list.  I have full confidence that that slice will achieve a higher score than this one did.

Scorecard so far:

1.  Ian's on State = 26 points
2. (tie) Falbo Brothers = 25 points
    (tie) La Fortuna = 25 points
4.  Pizza Pit Extreme = 21 points
5.  Pizza di Roma = 17 points
6.  Rocky Rococo = 14 points

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