Saturday, January 25, 2014

Next Up - Rosati's Pizza Lunch Slices

We made a stop at Rosati's for a grab-and-go lunch slice.

I want to start by saying that I enjoy ordering a pizza from Rosati's.  I like the thin crust, and I think the flavor and quality stand up to a decent Chicago Pizza.

I want to continue by saying that this particular Rosati's does not sell their typical pizza as their lunch slices.  The crust is much thicker and is almost hard.  The slices we had may have been around (since they were grab-and-go), but probably not around long.  We were there before noon.  And this location is right next to an open-campus High School, meaning that volume is rarely a problem here.

Overall impression:  This location is a counter service take-out that bought the unit next door and retro-fitted it into a dining room.  Even so, we were just looking to take a to-go slice.  The people were friendly and efficient.  It was fairly basic, no frills, and just fine.  Score:  3 out of 5.

Crust:  I have enjoyed Roasti's crust in the past.  This was not what I enjoyed before.  It was thick and firm and had a cardboardy flavor.  The crust end was crispy and slightly reminiscent of a pastry crust - albeit one that might have been worked too hard resulting in a dense product.  The pizza was a belly bomb and it was because of the crust.  Score: 3 out of 10.

Cheese:  Had a decent flavor with a good grease ratio.  There wasn't much of it, however.  If the crust was thinner, it would have been just fine.  As it was, it was a bit slight.  Score:  3 out of 5.

Sauce:  I liked the flavor of the sauce just fine, even though it was a little sweeter than I typically like.  I give it a pass because the strong aroma of oregano helps blend the sauce flavor just right as I bite it.  Score: 4 out of 5.

Pepperoni:  The pepperoni was fairly mild with a slight metallic flavor.  Unremarkable.  Score: 2 out of 5.

Price/Value - They get high marks in this category.  It was just over $3 for a very large slice - probably a sixth of a large pizza.  Good value, and you walk away full, full, full.  Score:  5 out of 5.

All in all, I can't help but think that the lunch slices are designed for maximum appeal to the high schoolers taking their lunch off campus.  It is a great choice for mass consumption by teenagers anytime or older folks at bar time.  Yes, it would be a great bar time choice.

Overall score:  20 out of 35

Scorecard so far:

1.  Picasso's - 27 points
2.  Ian's on State - 26 points
3.  (tie) Falbo Brothers - 25 points
     (tie) La Fortuna - 25 points
5.  Pizza Pit Extreme - 21 points
6.  Rosati's - 20 points
7.  Costco - 19 points
8.  Pizza di Roma - 17 points
9.  Rocky Rococo - 14 points